Peter Edge has had a keen interest in wildlife from a very early age.
Growing up in a semi rural part of Derbyshire before moving to London to earn a living.

I have spent the last 5 years living by lake Geneva in Switzerland and spending time in Southwest France, I am lucky to have access to a wide variety of Wildlife.
I have recently moved to Japan and am settling into life in Tokyo. Obviously wildlife in Tokyo is a little scarce but the rest of Japan makes up for this and I am looking forward to exploring this interesting country , particularly the northern island of Hokkaido.

I use Canon equipment. My primary camera is the 1D mark1V with the APS-H sensor and used in conjunction with the big lenses is great for smaller birds and the most shy species of mammal. My backup is the Canon 1D Mark 3 and although its getting a bit long in the tooth theses days its still handy to have in the bag. I use a fairly extensive range of lenses ranging from the 500mm f4 to the 100mm2.8 macro and many in between.